Waiting for Whitney 5.3

What the heck is this?  A REAL Lightning update!  You better believe it!  HUZZAH!

All I remember about last time, is there were 3 very sad triplets because I didn’t bake them a cake on their birthday.  Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

LIGHTNING CHECK!  Cuz who the heck are these guys, amirite?
Rachel is sitting down to some cake!

Left to Right we have Vince, Victor and Vern making some identical faces.
They almost looked like they were all *cringe* to me… Are you STILL upset about the cake?

I was about to move them out, but I re-read my last chapter, which is good, since I stated they would be sticking around since Rach could die at any moment, and Whitney is to be the heir.

Speaking of Whitney!

I forgot how cute this house is.
which makes me extra happy because I built it myself.

It’s not bad inside either.
Master bed & bath down in front, then the three boys’ rooms.  An additional bathroom and final bedroom for Whitney, and then the open living area.  *Pats self on back*

I think I said no one was to have jobs in this challenge, only skills and professions, but I couldn’t just watch these three guys putz around all day, so…
…I decide I’ll try to match their speech bubbles… Vern with science, Victor with something fun…

And Vince wants business.
I have Victor go into Mixology – as close as “party” I could think of for him.

Just getting reacquainted with the family… Rachael helps her youngest with her homework,
while Victor and Vince have a chat.

Vern is pulling cute faces with a glass of water.
I enjoy whichever update allowed Sims to grab a glass of water from the tap.  I think these are the first Sims to drink water in the entire franchise.

Tori stopped by!  I actually remember her, she was one of my favorite spares!

Then Vince’s phone rang and…
… Yeah, you’re already here, Tori – it’s cool.

Whitney the little artistic prodigy is working on her creativity skill.

Made me LOL.

This angry woman stopped by and rang the bell for no reason.

I decided Vern should make a “friend”.

Then I straight up adopted her.  Kind of.  I spent like, 20 minutes making her over, so she’s going to join the family somehow.  I gave her like 5 everyday outfits, my CC Skin, and adjusted her hairstyles and makeup.  Her name is Karen Cadona, and I’m happy to have her around!

She appears less happy.
Poor thing.

About now I come up with the brilliant idea to have all three brothers court Karen while I wait for Whitney to age up.  Each fella can have 5 friendly interactions per visit with Karen, and the first to fill the friendship bar can woo her.

Poor Vern has to start out with her already feeling blue, so he tries to cheer her up.
Awww, his face!

It went badly…
Strike one for Vern.

Well, he’s not out of it yet, but our new friend Karen is NOT a Vern fan.
Sorry buddy.  I always liked you. 🙂

She cheers up some and comes around by Vern’s final interaction.
How freakin’ CUTE is she?  Can you see why this little whim of a legacy/challenge had to bring her in?

Victor has a turn and at least asks her if she’d like to sit down.
Good thinkin’ there, Vic.

However, sitting scores no points with Little Miss Active.

Whitney shows up to cramp her brother’s style.
LOL.  Vic’s all “So this is my kid sister… kids, huh?”  And Whit looks ELATED to be included.

Vince one-ups both his brothers and actually invites Karen inside.
I mean, it’s his little sister’s bedroom… but…

…the look on her face says she’s enjoying his company!
I like Vince too. 🙂

Surrounded by children’s toys, these two really hit it off!

We even have first contact!
But that’s all for this visit!

I set future heir, Whitney up with a bunch of different outfits too.
These are clearly PJs, but she has lots of different looks. TS3 did multiple outfits too, but not as smoothly as TS4.  I like it.

Having a favorite would be kind of weird, since they’re identical, but I think Vern is my favorite.
Vern:  Looks smug.  Vince: Not me?
Okay Vince, maybe you.  It totally is you.

Victor molds clay in the toilet.
Yeah, so it’s totally not you.

Cares not.

They’re all fun though… my first TS4 triplets.

Rachael:  SHHHH, the bed is sleeping.

I decide that even though Rachael and I have had a blast as a detective, it’s time to retire.
Sometime when the lifespans aren’t so short, we’ll really give this a shot.  She ends up making nearly $520.00 a day, so not too shabby!

Someone called to wish the boys a happy birthday (that was forever ago?) and I didn’t recognize the Sim, so I checked out the family tree.
It goes all the way back to Henrietta!  Nice!  So Henri’s spouse Jimmy and children I, J, K, L, and M are all lost.  Ian, Juliet, Kenny, Lars & Liv (twins) (Casey while I was trying to figure TS4) & Mimi are also missing.  Then Noah takes over, and has kids with both Kathy and Ratna, and although the mothers are missing, Rachael’s siblings are all there.  Olive (Whoops, I used that name in the Zales recently!) & Olympia, Patrick and Quinn.  Then of course all of Rachael’s spawn.  Simon, Tori, Utah, V, V, V & Whit!  They’ve long since patched the family tree, so it works much better now… but it was still fun to see!

I got the pop-up that Rach’s life had come to an end.
So I have her plant a few more things and send Victor out to tend until the gardener shows up in a couple days.

That night, the Monster visits Whitney.
If anyone can talk to the Monster, it should be her!  No dice this time, but soon I bet!

Karen is over again!  Vern begins his 5 interactions.
Everything was well received.

Here’s one of Whitney’s cute new outfits!
She’s off to go play on the rocket ship play structure.

Vince gets his chance!
How cute are they?

She looks way into him.
And have I mentioned I ADORE HER?!?

I make Karen change her outfit, since I made so many nice ones for her!
While all three boys neglect her for food.

Victor gets a chance and lays it on pretty thick.
Karen doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Utah stopped by!
The adopted hottie!  ❤

Good heavens Vic, I think you’re getting fatter!

I’m pretty sure Vince is going to win the hand of fair Karen, so I decide he needs to battle his genes and take up some physical activity.

Both the fella’s mom and dad had quite the tummy, but Vince looks great!

Vern is also thinner than Victor, but not as svelte as Vince!

THAT WAS WHITNEY’S BIRTHDAY CAKE.  I was *JUST* about to have Rach put candles on it. :@

Rach is so near death, I have her quickly make Whitney another one.

I opt for the Zombie cake, because I think Whit would like it.
We instantly put candles on it.  Don’t even try it, boys.

Make a wish!

I haven’t done much with mixology in this challenge, so Whitney is going to be a bartender!
She adds essence of flavor and self-assured.  She doesn’t look exactly happy, but she’s AWESOME.

Her first whim?  CANNONBALL!

I decide Vince has won the heart of Karen, and we don’t have time for full friendship bars in such a LIGHTNING challenge.
SO I move Vic and Vern in with the rest of the family.

Hey readers?  Quick side question?
WTH is this symbol?  The one I’ve pinned?  It’s “become confident”, and I’ve seen it a hundred times, but I can’t for the life of me make it out.

But I’m also the one who thought the “Save/Load” symbol in the main menu was a newspaper, but it was actually like, a 3.5″ floppy, so I never clicked it, thinking it was NEWS (boring) instead of save/load (IMPORTANT!)  I feel like the “confident” symbol looks like a paper crane meets a rose meets a protractor… so help me out?!?

All that nonsense aside, Vince invites Karen over for the Big Woo.
Not to be confused with the big WooHoo, but that’s soon, I’m sure.  And OMG LOOK AT HER FACE ❤

They’ll be a lot of fun until Whitney ages up.
Because OMG that face FTW!


BF/GF and then it’s MOVE IN TIME!
She brought the typical $20K an unplaced Sim brings to the house – but the Lightnings have no trouble with moola.

I’m hoping you do too… (And see how her hair is kinda curly but shorter?  Instead of straightened and longer?  #details)

Back inside Rachael has the “woohoo” talk with Whitney.
So funny!  But Rach felt it was important before she died.

Whitney had the option to “complain about everything” which seemed SOO teenager…
Ha, I had to give it a go… look at her!

Rach:  I see the light!

Goodbye Rachael.
You did good.  ❤

Karen:  Alright!  Dinner and a show!
Inappropriate, Karen.

Poor Whit and Vince.

Karen:  Have you guys tried these omelets?
They’re TO DIE FOR.  😐

I’ll miss ya, Rachie.
We had good times.

One very sad Whitney heads off to her school day.
Poor little thing.

And a very sad Vince off to work.
I’m sorry guys.

Hey!  The gardener we hired finally shows up!
Got a lot of wok to do!

Karen is a loner and a foodie.  I decide she’ll try to master baking, which is a skill I haven’t messed with much in this game.
Cooking, yes.  Baking no.  Should be fun!

Ha, she’s terrible.
LOL – side note, the bills came and they’re over $6K!  Good thing the Lightnings are very wealthy!  That little garden really pays off.  They have over $94k in the bank – after paying the bills.


And some brownies!
She looks so pleased with herself, little cutie!

I downloaded this red haired Sim and her two sisters from the gallery just to fill the neighborhood.
She and Karen had become friends before Karen moved in.  Her name is Annika.

Karen ignores her new friend and dives right into her new baking books!

Outside the Gardener has her work cut out for herself!09-18-16_8-54-30-pm
But there’s a lot of great variety out there!  Keeps food costs way down too.

Hey, it’s the blue-haired sister!
My my those are some large… assets…

I headed into CAS and toned the whole family down a bit.
There.  Much better.

Green sister came over too!
That’s all three of ’em!

Ooh, Hi sweetheart.
I know you miss your mom.


Vince gets home from work and helps his dear little sister with her homework.

Then I saw the option to “console about death”…
09-18-16_9-12-51-pm 09-18-16_9-13-21-pm
… too beautifully sweet.

Followed by a movie to cheer her up!

Ha, it didn’t work.
Vince’s face “I’m TRYING here!”…

Turns out Karen is “active” and needs lots of exercise.
Cute little outfit!

Whoops!  Looks like these two had too much fun in the hot tub.

Vince hates children, so this isn’t the best news for him.

Sorry dear!  You knew the risks!

What a freakin’ baby – moped through all his report writing.
I have had other “dislikes children” Sims who never really reacted this badly.  Vince didn’t even like his little sister until she grew into a teenager.  He’s my most “dislike childreny” Sim I’ve ever had.

I have Karen bake all her meals when she’s hungry.
Yum, bread!

Sill crying about his newfound fatherhood.
And his mom’s death – but still.  Weenie.

I’d be careful there, complainy pants… her face says she’s not gonna take much more of your crap.

I love this shot.  The comparison of the two and their upcoming parenthood and how they feel about it.
09-18-16_9-32-13-pmJust wow.  So dramatic there, Vince.  Karen looks serene and happy.  Vince looks like he’s already planning an exit!

Hey, on a lighter note, you can make Rice Krispie squares!
And decorate them!  Too cute!

I was going to have Karen chat with Whitney about the new addition, but they hadn’t even been introduced!
A quick “nice to meet ya…”

Phew – that’s all for now!  What’s next?  Who knows!  Things move fast for those Lightnings *cough-six-months-since-last-post-cough* but I’m sure we’ll see a baby!

Thanks for hanging in there, it’s been a LONG time!  Happy Simming!


Sad, Sad Triplets… 5.2

You won’t believe it!  A real Lightning update!?!?

Yeah.  I haven’t opened this file since May 2015.  Let’s get to it!

We’ll start with a Lightning Check!  I have no idea who’s in this house, I don’t expect you will either!

We have Rachael!
02-17-16_7-17-19 PM
Hi lovely!

Her eldest son Simon who is just having his birthday!
02-17-16_7-28-28 PM
(I remembered that I don’t like him.)

Her daughter Tori, who just got home from work BEFORE SCHOOL at the Espresso place.
02-17-16_7-29-01 PM

Her handsome son Utah – whom if I remember correctly, is adopted!
02-17-16_7-29-34 PM

And then there’s triplets…

Vince moping.
02-17-16_7-30-14 PM

Vern enjoying Simon’s party.
02-17-16_7-30-30 PM

And Victor…
02-17-16_7-30-52 PM
…Super into that door, at the moment.  That’s everyone!

And Simon moves out with a little fanfare.
02-17-16_7-31-26 PM
He added Bro to neat and gloomy.

OH!  I had forgotten that Rachael was a detective.
02-17-16_7-35-21 PM
How fun!  She’s ranked “Captain”!  Adorable.

This career had gotten more challenging than I remember it being.  She actually had to search for clues.
02-17-16_7-41-11 PM
They weren’t outlined and super obvious.  Here she is analyzing some newfound evidence.

Saturday morning brings some sibling bonding.
02-17-16_7-52-35 PM
Wait!  Simon shouldn’t still be here!  There, I moved him out with Aunt Quinn and the ghost of Uncle Patrick.

And Vince?
02-17-16_7-54-56 PMPut your hand down and go potty.

Grilled cheese lunch for the whole crew.
02-17-16_8-04-15 PM
They’re so sweet!

They still have the garden!  It brings in TONS of money!
02-17-16_8-24-04 PM
The have $92k in the bank.

Tori blows out her birthday candles and enters adulthood.
02-19-16_7-28-58 PM
While cute and handsome brother Utah sings the birthday song.

She’s as adorable as always.
02-19-16_7-30-03 PM
One of my favorites!

Tori and Simon are available for download from the gallery.  Search #lightning with CC Enabled.  It’s just for my default eyes and more detailed skin.

The house is down to five.  Momma Rachael and her four boys.
02-19-16_7-39-21 PM
Utah and the triplets.  ❤

This always terrifies me.
02-19-16_7-42-21 PMDon’t die Rachael!   (She didn’t)

Another day with Rach on the job.
02-19-16_7-58-31 PM
The law enforcement career is incredibly fun!

My game is extra glitchy after the latest patch.
02-19-16_8-13-05 PM
Victor here has invisible homework.  A myriad of other things have gone awry as well.

More adventures at work with Rachael.
02-19-16_8-27-17 PM
Arresting citizens in public bathrooms.

HA!  Interrogations are where it’s AT!
02-19-16_8-30-59 PM
So much fun!!!

After a long work day, and when Simon stopped by for a visit, I ordered my very first TS4 pizza.
02-19-16_8-35-07 PM
It was super fun!

All the Lightning boys.  Even Simon.
02-19-16_8-40-02 PM
(Still not a fan of that Simon.)

Oops, Utah aged up and I didn’t make him a cake.  Now he’s all mopey…
02-19-16_8-59-05 PM
… but Rach and her triplets are adorable!

I decide the triplets should invite their father over.  They haven’t seen good ol’ Lex in a while.
02-19-16_9-00-54 PM
HA! Rach’s face.  “You invited who over?!?!”

Hey Lex.
02-19-16_9-01-31 PM
The gray suits you.

Distinguished, even…
02-19-16_9-02-43 PM
(Rachael’s face… LOL)

It’s been awhile…
02-19-16_9-03-15 PM
*wink wink*

02-19-16_9-04-03 PM

You can do your homework later!
02-19-16_9-04-20 PM

Why are ALL THREE OF YOU awake?!?
02-19-16_9-05-01 PM


Uh oh…
02-19-16_9-07-43 PM

Um… Uh-oh?
02-19-16_9-09-24 PM
Looks like Rachael will be having the “W” baby!

The next day, reeling from the new pregnancy (that I totally had a hand in) I wondered why Utah didn’t go to school with his siblings.
02-21-16_1-55-49 PM
But duh!  He’s a young adult now!  I move him out.  He’s available in the gallery!  #lightning

Cutie Rachael – pregnant at work.
02-21-16_2-01-01 PM
Look at her badge… hee hee hee.

The interrogation room is the BEST!
02-21-16_2-07-47 PM
Seriously, so much fun.

Oops.  The triplets aged up without a cake, while Rachael stayed late at work.
02-21-16_2-12-20 PM
Now they’re all sad.

Here’s Vince:
02-21-16_2-16-41 PM
He got the Joke Star aspiration and added gregarious to cheerful and self-assured. ❤

And Vern:
02-21-16_2-23-28 PM
Fabulously Wealthy aspiration with business savvy joining clumsy and art lover.

Lastly Victor:
02-21-16_2-27-35 PMBig Happy Family aspiration which adds domestic to slob & foodie.

Upon closer inspection, they look identical to me.

I’m sorry about your birthday!
02-21-16_2-29-25 PM
And that you inherited your father’s (and mother’s…) round tummy.

Just blog about it and move on!
02-21-16_2-31-34 PM

Your brother is giving himself a pep talk, and look how happy he is?
02-21-16_2-32-02 PM
Be more like Victor.

We just won’t talk about Vern and his desolation.
02-21-16_2-32-29 PM

“HEY!  CRYBABIES!  I made fish tacos!  Come and get it!”
02-21-16_2-33-01 PM

Sad fish tacos are sad.
02-21-16_2-33-41 PM

02-21-16_2-34-22 PM
I’m telling you… do not forget birthdays.  Especially TRIPLETS.

Victor!  You’re my new favorite!
02-21-16_2-35-01 PM
Look how happy you are!  Vern.  Pull yourself together.

“These tacos taste like sad and you’re a bad mother”
02-21-16_2-35-58 PM
**Gives Evil Eye**

OMG that lip!!!  It’s even quivering.
02-21-16_2-36-42 PM

Here boys, quit moping.  I redid three of the bedrooms and converted them into teenage boy zones.
02-21-16_3-29-58 PM
You used to all share one room, so be happy, will ya?!?

Eventually they adjusted… and were cuties again.  I told them all to do their homework…
02-21-16_6-32-59 PM
And they sat together on Vern’s bed to do it.

Cutest detective who ever – detected.
02-21-16_6-42-37 PM
Look at that belly!  ❤

Finally!  It’s baby time!
02-21-16_7-15-08 PM
When lifespans are so short, pregnancies seem super long!

Always a fun adventure.  And look!  Olympia is the attending physician!
02-21-16_7-16-14 PM
O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, V, V, let’s meet the W!

Whitney Lightning enters the world.
02-21-16_7-18-01 PM

Just after the birth of Whitney, another special birthday was to be celebrated!
02-21-16_7-23-46 PM

Our Rachael is becoming an elder!
02-21-16_7-24-11 PM

She got a cute new makeover.
02-21-16_7-32-07 PM
More befitting of her age and status.  LOVE IT.

Were you curious?  I was.  Elders can still breastfeed.
02-21-16_7-33-15 PM
And Victor, I know it’s totally natural and beautiful – but don’t you have something else to do?

Um – readers?  She’s looking right at me.
02-21-16_7-34-19 PM
I was going to comment on how old Whitney’s parents are… but um… I don’t think that I will.  Perfectly acceptable parent ages.  Lex isn’t like, dead or anything.  *whistles*

Rachael had a whim to grill steak.  OMG, how funny are they?
02-21-16_7-35-55 PM
ACME steaks.  A la Loony Tunes.

Simon then called and invited his mother and brothers to his birthday party.  Felt wrong to say no.
02-21-16_7-39-29 PM
Everyone arrived in their party gear!  Super cute!

This is the backside of the caterer Simon hired.  I hope he makes him a birthday cake!
02-21-16_7-40-32 PM
I haven’t seen the caterer much…

Aw… Simon, Tori & some make-up, and Utah!
02-21-16_7-41-49 PM
Always fun to see Utah!  Handsome beast.

This is another guest.  Abram Patel.  He has very unfortunate eyes.
02-21-16_7-42-41 PM

Like all the time.
02-21-16_7-43-09 PM

Seriously!  HA HA HA!
02-21-16_7-43-47 PM

Uglacy material.
02-21-16_7-44-51 PM
I nearly died laughing at him.

On the flipside, the rather adorable looking caterer did INDEED bake a cake!
02-21-16_7-45-43 PM
It was cool, Simon automatically blew out the candles, and the friends and family gathered.

Then everyone watched a sci-fi flick.
02-21-16_7-47-41 PM

They’re all so adorable…
02-21-16_7-48-18 PM
Except “weird eye guy”.

Rach hugged her eldest son and then returned home.  Dear little Whitney ages up tomorrow.
02-21-16_7-52-11 PM

Here she is!  She acquires artistic prodigy and neat, like her mother.
02-21-16_8-02-58 PM
Another redhead, but darker skinned, like her father.  I think she’s beautiful.

I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest thing ever.
02-21-16_8-10-29 PM
*sprinkles glitter and noodles to her artwork*

Here she is doing her homework in a new room I added on for her.
02-21-16_8-18-56 PM
I clearly placed the windows AFTER placing the wall décor…

Another fun work day with Rachael!
02-21-16_8-53-32 PM
I love senior detective Rachael.  And her saggy bosom.

02-21-16_9-01-06 PM

Whitney, Vince & Vern.
02-21-16_9-02-06 PM
Too cute!

Middle of the night gardening from Rach.
02-21-16_9-05-07 PM
Totally worth it.  The garden is quite lucrative!

Speaking of lucrative…
02-21-16_9-16-16 PM
…bought some stuff for the pool.  Swan Dive FTW!

The triplets are about to age up, and I got the pop up that it’s almost the end for Rachael.
02-21-16_9-21-10 PM
I refuse to let the triplets age up all neglected again, so Rachael bakes a fancy black/white tiered cake.

Rach makes sure they know how special they are.
02-21-16_9-22-32 PM

02-21-16_9-22-58 PM

Party Time:
02-21-16_9-24-43 PM

Vern adds bro:
02-21-16_9-28-51 PM

Victor adds lazy:
02-21-16_9-28-57 PM

Vince adds hates children:
02-21-16_9-29-00 PM

They’re SUPER cute and I love how unique they are!  They are available in the gallery.  #lightning

My own rules, which I frequently choose to ignore, state that the last born is heir.  Since she’s my favorite – Whitney will take over this time.

I’m not moving the triplets out, since I know Rachael could perish at any time.  So what’s next for the Lightnings?

Who knows?!?  Maybe another post in the near future?

I sure hope so!

There’s HOW Many?!? 5.1

Wooee!  A Lightning update!  I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been pretty busy with those Zales… Let’s see what Rachael gets up to this time!  It’s a doozy!

Lightning Check!  Rachael is sleeping.
05-17-15_7-05 PM
The kids Simon & Tori are at school, so check complete.

Wait – here they are.
05-17-15_7-07 PM
Aw – little cuties.  And the fridge is broken for some reason, they can’t use it.  FINE.


Oooh!  A new stuff pack!
New Stuff
**BUYS**  (It’s nothing really fancy – but I bought it for the hair and clothes)

Fridge works again.  Yay!
05-19-15_6-17 PM

Don’t mind Rachael’s awkward posture, we just planted the cowplant berry she’d found while fishing!
05-19-15_6-23 PM
I can’t wait to meet him!  (Although the udders suggest it’s female…)

I decide I don’t want to have another baby daddy (or a spouse) I also tell lies and I’ve never adopted a child in TS4, so Rachael is going to adopt!
05-19-15_6-27 PM
A thousand bucks to adopt?  Making them is free, yo.

Aw, how do you pick?!?
And why is that one black cardigan top so popular?  Is it like the social worker uniform?  Poor things.  I was drawn to Ingrid at first, but I went with this fella:
05-19-15_6-35 PM

I renamed him Utah –
05-19-15_6-40 PM
And he’s SO adorable!  I think he’ll fit in fine, social butterfly and glutton.

Rachael aged up!  Oops, I forgot her birthday.
05-19-15_6-45 PM
Don’t let the cake slice in the foreground fool you, it’s far from fresh.

Simon aged up too.
05-19-15_6-51 PM
He acquired the best selling author aspiration, and adds muser and gloomy to his traits.  SPOILER:  I do not like him – at all.

Poor baby – I forgot you birthday too – I guess we’ll have to get a better look at him later, when he’s not moping.
05-19-15_6-53 PM
So sad.  😐

This little guy however, our Utah, is having a grand ol’ time!
05-19-15_6-54 PM
He’s loving the stereo and dancing away in his PJ’s.

Simon:  I’m too sad to paint my sad painting.
05-19-15_6-56 PM

Work it out, mood-boy.
05-19-15_6-57 PM
You are not a gifted artist.

05-19-15_6-58 PM
Cowplant baby bush!

How cute are the kidlets before school?
05-19-15_7-05 PM
Tori has been VERY under-represented this post!  I promise I’ll make up for it.

LOOK!  A picture of Rachael peeing!
05-19-15_7-16 PM

Why you ask?
05-19-15_7-17 PM
She’s pregnant!

WHAT!?! I can hear you all exclaim… well, there’s room in the house and that means make a baby if you can, per my own rules.  I watched the people walking by until the first male appeared, then had Rachael turn on the charm.  TADA!  Preggo!  I might introduce you to the baby daddy later.  I DID snap a picture just in case I wanted to fully divulge his identity.

We have a cow plant!
05-20-15_6-30 PM

05-20-15_6-31 PM

Yeah!  Eat him!
05-20-15_6-37 PM
I hate that guy!  (He wasn’t eaten)

Rachael’s baby daddy invited her out on a date!  I accepted the date, and then it was kind of cool, because B.D. picked the place!
05-20-15_6-39 PM
The park!

Sneak peek!
05-20-15_6-41 PM
(I are sneaky)

Rachael took this opportunity to fish, but her date didn’t like that so much…
05-20-15_6-42 PM

ooh burn
FINE!  We won’t!  (Blurs out face to continue mystery)

Hey though!  It was totally worth it!
Sammy-Sama told me that this aspiration would be difficult – either they’ve patched up the problems with not catching the early fish when your angler becomes too skilled, or I was just incredibly lucky.  Since I didn’t pay attention to ANYTHING or even really try very hard, I was pretty surprised. It’s also, like a Lightning first!  Complete an aspiration?  No way!

Tori was going to age up on her own all sad, so I had Simon bake her a cake at 4:00 am.
05-20-15_6-49 PM

She blows them out with little fanfare, but at least she won’t mope for two days.
05-20-15_6-50 PM
Which is especially annoying in such short lifespans.

I went ahead and picked all her traits.  She acquired the nerd brain aspiration, quick learner & perfectionist to go with her already established geek trait.
05-20-15_7-03 PM
I think she’s amazing and I’m a little obsessed.

05-20-15_7-09 PM 05-20-15_7-10 PMHer outfit is super cute too, hopefully I captured more than just her upper body.

Hey!  That’s not a selfie!
05-20-15_7-12 PM
That’s BlicBlock!

Utah is still around.
05-20-15_7-15 PM
He’s such a sweetie… never any trouble.

Hey look!  A cake lure!
05-20-15_7-15 PM-2

YEAH!  You suck, go eat it!
05-20-15_7-16 PM
05-20-15_7-16 PM-2
C’mon, cow plant!  Eat him!

05-20-15_7-17 PM 05-20-15_7-17 PM-2
I guess even the cowplant doesn’t like him.

Do you SEE how cute she is?
05-20-15_7-18 PM

So that’s pretty gross.
05-20-15_7-20 PM
It made an essence of discomfort… or something.

Well, I was trying to keep the baby daddy secret just for fun, but he called and asked for another date.
Another date
I guess he forgot how much fun he had the last time.

His name is Lex Joseph.  And here’s his full body picture I snapped from earlier.
05-19-15_7-10 PM
So yup – that’s the current fetus daddy.

The happy couple.
05-20-15_7-23 PM
Who both like plaid, ti would seem.

Rach decides to inform him that the child is his.
05-20-15_7-23 PM-2

And his reaction is lovely.
05-20-15_7-23 PM-3
Although they still had another terrible date.  Even though Rachael did NOT go off fishing this time, and they even danced together.  I’m not sure how this new dating system works.

Please – have the baby already.
05-27-15_7-04 PM
I’m sick of your needy nature.

It’s almost this little peanut’s birthday!
05-27-15_7-05 PM
The easiest, happiest little guy.  And wait until you see him!  I kind of ignored him before, since he was so easy going – but he’s pretty stinkin’ adorable…

Kids all doing homework.
05-27-15_7-10 PM
So studious.  Not sure why they’re ALL in their swimwear…

Rach finally goes into labor!  I decide things aren’t so great with the dad, so her sister Quinn will join her for a hospital birth.
05-27-15_7-16 PM
And look!  That’s Olympia!  She’s a doctor now!

Love the check in process.
05-27-15_7-17 PM
It’s super cute!

Ooh, what a handsome doctor!
05-27-15_7-19 PM
Lucky Rach!

We have a son!  Vince Lightning!

Wait!  Twins!  Vern!

What?  There’s another one?  Victor.
Triple play
I am not entertained.  I thought one more baby would be fun, but THREE!?!  No fertility or ANYTHING.  Thanks a lot LEX.

At least Simon and Tori are helpful.
05-27-15_7-27 PM

Oh look how weird… they look like girls when they’re in their bassinets…
05-27-15_7-29 PM
But Rachael picks on e up and…
05-27-15_7-29 PM-2
…Poof!  Boy outfit change.  Interesting.

Oh no! In the hustle and bustle of the triplet birth, the cowplant died.
05-27-15_7-32 PM
That makes me sad. 😦

Utah’s birthday!
05-27-15_7-37 PM
Although no one stood around and cheered with him, Rachael did bake him a cake!

He gets alluring and the soulmate aspiration.  He adds goofball to glutton.
05-27-15_7-46 PM
and woo!  What a handsome young man!

05-27-15_7-46 PM-2
I adore him.

One eating, two crying…
05-27-15_7-54 PM
…and one tired momma.

Who wins at SimLife.
05-27-15_7-55 PM

Well, she did – until two of ’em pooped.
05-27-15_7-57 PM

Then all three boys hopped out of their cribs.  Before makeover…
05-27-15_8-03 PM
I spot three redheads!

After makeover – Left to Right:  Vince , whiz kid – self assured, Vern, rambunctious scamp – art lover, and Victor, whiz kid – slob.
05-27-15_8-12 PM
I see potential in all three!

Now – that’s all for this post, but I must point out, there are only four pregnancies left – that means you’ll want to choose the next heir wisely!  As he/she will probably be the LAST ONE.  W, X, Y & Z are all that remain in this challenge.

NOTE:  I have a new challenge in mind, that I’ve come up with on my own.  If you guys wish, I will take a poll from the last four children born (unless there’s multiples again!) and use whomever wins to be the founder for my next challenge.  The Lightnings have been fun, but they’re almost finished!

Until next time – Happy Simming!

It’s Rachael Time! 5.0

Wow!  Generation 5!  Neat!  Thanks to all the readers for their support!

Last time, on The Lightnings – A Quick Alphabetcy, Noah’s time in charge came to an end, and Rachael, the chosen heir aged up to Young Adulthood, and is ready to take over!  I’d normally start with a Lightning Check, but since there’s just the two of them, let’s get started!

And let’s go camping!  Rachael seems like the camping type.  I have her and her father rent the fanciest (or next to fanciest, I can’t remember) place they can find.  The tents are super fun, but I’d never stayed at one of the cabins before!
04-19-15_9-42 PM
How luxurious!  They certainly will not be “roughing it”.  They’re having a 3 day retreat.

Noah needs to wee and eat, but Rachael is ready to explore!
04-19-15_9-43 PM
I love the little camping “world” it’s so pretty!

I wanted Rachael to go fishing…
04-19-15_9-44 PM
But not in that dress!

04-19-15_9-45 PM
Much better.  That’s our outdoorsy girl!

Yeah yeah, stupid plumbob…
04-19-15_9-46 PM
But look at all the fishing women!  It’s like a sisterhood!

Oh man – I just got the pop-up that Noah is going to die soon.
not yet noah
This is NOT how I wanted this camping trip to go!  Please hang in there until we get home!

Rach does a bit more fishing, then heads back to the cabin to spend some time with her aging father.04-19-15_9-50 PM
But when she got back, she found him laying in the yard!!

Turns out he was just looking at the stars, so I have Rachael join him.
04-19-15_9-51 PM
Too sweet.

With Rachael’s feet heading off to bed, Noah feels invigorated and alive!
04-19-15_9-54 PM
He gets his boogie on to some easy listening music.  (This is a terrible screenshot… I’m re-reading my notes like – Huh?  What is this?!?  I apologize.)

Noah also ventured out to do a little exploring.  Nothing of note happened…
04-19-15_9-55 PM
…but the night sky was beautiful.

The bills still arrived, even though they were camping.
04-19-15_9-58 PM
With all this recreation, the trip, and the pool – the bank account is rather depleted!

Oh, that – and bugs flew out of the mailbox.
04-19-15_9-59 PM
Ha ha ha!

Rachael is busy sleeping in, but Noah spotted a lovely park ranger!
04-19-15_10-00 PM

He’s old, but not dead!
04-19-15_10-01 PM

Noah proves he’s still got it.
04-19-15_10-03 PM

And finds love in the great outdoors!
04-19-15_10-05 PM

I found it fitting that Noah got one more girlfriend.
04-19-15_10-07 PM
He was always such a fan of the ladies.

Rachael works some more on her Angling Ace aspiration while her father is busy romancing up the locals.
04-19-15_10-09 PM
Sammy told me to use a fishing guide to make sure I did everything correctly, but since Rachael was a level 5 angler by the time she was a teenager, I decide it was too late, and I’ll just try my best.

I was looking for love for Rachael too…
04-19-15_10-10 PM
…But everyone I saw was not to my liking.

I got the other pop-up about Noah’s death, and it will happen any minute.
04-19-15_10-12 PM

Rachael joins her father in a lite night game of horseshoes.
04-19-15_10-13 PM
I’m so sad he’s going to pass away on their vacation.

Worried about her father, Rach naps beside him while he sleeps.
04-19-15_10-18 PM
This made me have feels.

When he wakes, Rachael expresses her admiration for him.
04-19-15_10-20 PM

It appears to be mutual.
04-19-15_10-21 PM

I’m glad you like the smell of Rachael’s cooking you old glutton you.
04-19-15_10-21 PM-2
I’m going to be sad when we lose him, and before he could become a grandfather!

NOOO!  Not yet!
04-19-15_10-23 PM

You just ate!
04-19-15_10-23 PM-2
Shouldn’t there be a “you can’t die within so many hours of eating, or you’ll get a cramp” rule?

Oh Noah – farewell, honey.
04-19-15_10-23 PM-3
Thanks for all the cool kids and your womanizing nature.  It was a fun generation.

Rachael had just headed out for a jog, so she missed witnessing his death.
04-19-15_10-24 PM
Which is good and bad.  Good, because she won’t get that terrible “very sad” moodlet… and bad, because she won’t get that terrible “very sad” moodlet.  Someone should mourn him, but I don’t want Rachael being in agony for days.

You check your tablet there, Grimmy.
04-19-15_10-25 PM
I’m sure it’s his time to go.  Just after he got a new girlfriend, too.

Your creepy dementor hands terrify me.
04-19-15_10-26 PM

Goodbye Noah.
04-19-15_10-27 PM
I’ll make sure Rachael takes your remains home.  I feel like you were an elder for such a short time.

Meanwhile – Rachie is out for a happy jog amongst the pines.
04-19-15_10-27 PM-2
While her father lies deceased on the kitchen floor!

She stopped to look at this huge… cute… thing…
04-21-15_7-47 PM

After a little more fishing, she’s tired and very hungry.
04-21-15_7-50 PM
So she roasts a fish!

Hark!  A bear!
04-21-15_7-53 PM

The bear is named Quinn – sorry bear, that name is taken!
04-21-15_7-54 PM
They chatted briefly, but did not get along.

Rachael’s vacation will be over soon, but with no prospects for romance, she does a little more fishing.
04-21-15_7-56 PM

Don’t look so happy there – Rach.
04-21-15_7-59 PM
That one is not a keeper.

Before I knew it, Rachael was back at home, with her sister Olive visiting.
04-21-15_8-08 PM
They had a fun dip in the pool.

Okay, we gotta get a move on here – it’s spouse hunting time!
04-21-15_8-12 PM
I head to the museum because I’m not sure I’ve visited this lot yet.  I immediately spot the guy in the baseball cap.

His name is Jerrod.
04-21-15_8-13 PM-2
Hard to tell what he really looks like under all that – erm – style.

He dresses like an annoying teenage boy.
04-21-15_8-15 PM
Even though he’s already an adult – well, let’s see if Rachael likes him.

I learn he’s a glutton and a mixologist at the Rattlesnake Juicebar.  But ugh, his clothes and accessories… Well, I can fix that!

There!  Hiding underneath all that douchebaggery was this very cool face!
04-21-15_8-19 PM
Not bad at all!

Aw, I already think they’re so cute!
04-21-15_8-20 PM
I’m not sure how long before he becomes an elder, but I’m gonna risk it!

HA!  His face is adorable.
04-21-15_8-23 PM
Rachael’s first ever attempt at flirting is successful!

I have her ask him on a date…
04-21-15_8-27 PM
…back to her place!  They get their groove on to the stereo.

04-21-15_8-29 PM

And now they’re boyfriend girlfriend!
04-21-15_8-30 PM

Now, I really like Jerrod, but he’s addicted to milk.
04-21-15_8-32 PM
This is like, the fourth glass he’s taken out since being here.
Jerrod: Moo.

Okay then.

Hey, Noah came out for a visit!
04-21-15_8-35 PM
Hi buddy!  He’s blue because he’s “sad”, but he looks pretty happy to me!

Jerrod had left and I have Rach invite him over the very next day and…
04-21-15_8-38 PM

Well fine.  He may not be the forever man in Rachael’s life, but she loves him I want his genetics.
04-21-15_8-40 PM

With Jerrod now at risk of dying any day, I rush things along with a pregnancy test.
04-21-15_8-41 PM

Even if he’s old, I think they’re adorable together.
04-21-15_8-42 PM

He strikes a pose, and moves in!
04-21-15_8-43 PM

And is initiated to the Lightning house through the traditional “Oh good, more hands, help in the garden” rite of passage.
04-21-15_8-44 PM
Rachael helps out, but don’t let her green plumbob mislead you, she’s starving.

Two slices of birthday cake later…
04-21-15_8-48 PM
…and the neglected garden is doing much better.

Jerrod:  A Fork?
04-21-15_8-50 PM
Rachael:  He’s so great… (smiles)

Sad Henrietta showed up later that evening.
04-21-15_8-52 PM
I send Rachael to quickly cheer her up before she breaks everything.  Protip:  Cheer up the ghosts as soon as you see them, and then they won’t break everything.

She was very successful, and after she went off to bed, a very confident Henrietta got her boogie on into the wee hours.
04-21-15_8-54 PM
So much better than breaking all the appliances.

I think Jerrod is so cool.
04-21-15_8-55 PM
For an old guy.

Pregnant, but happy, I send Rachael and her beau off to do some fishing.
04-21-15_9-00 PM
Well, swimsuit clad Jerrod went to the nearest bar…

…But Rachael did some fishing!
04-21-15_9-00 PM-2

Cool, she caught a rainbow fish!
04-21-15_9-01 PM
I usually have the speed up too fast to catch pictures like this one, so I’m super happy.

OMG OMG What’s happening!  The camera has zoomed to Jerrod!
04-21-15_9-02 PM

Oh, he’s fine…
04-21-15_9-03 PM
Just some townie dying.  Jerrod lives to fight another day.

She’s so large already!
04-21-15_9-05 PM
And only her second trimester!

Please don’t die.
04-22-15_6-23 PM
That’d suck.

Uh oh – Jerrod is “dangerously tired”.
04-22-15_6-32 PM
I had him take a nap, but he doesn’t seem to be doing well!  (turns out he was sick…oops)

Out tending the small garden, it’s baby S time!
04-22-15_6-38 PM
I decide to have this baby at the hospital and experience the new GTW way of childbirth!

Here’s the hospital!
04-22-15_6-39 PM
I’m kind of excited!

So is Jerrod.
04-22-15_6-39 PM-2

I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I realize she can “check in” at the front desk.
04-22-15_6-40 PM
And look!  It’s Olympia!  She works here!

After checking in, she just wandered around with this heart thingie over her head.
04-22-15_6-41 PM
I think it indicates that she’s a patient.

The dad, meanwhile, is having a snack in the cafeteria.
04-22-15_6-42 PM
In his defense, he WAS hungry right before Rachie had the nerve to go into labor.

Back following Rachael, I decide this is pretty exciting!
04-22-15_6-42 PM-2

Then funny!
04-22-15_6-42 PM-3

Then lasers?
04-22-15_6-43 PM

Glue?  Is that glue?
04-22-15_6-43 PM-2
I don’t think glue is necessary…

I don’t see a baby, do you?
04-22-15_6-44 PM
Hello?  Baby?

Oh – apparently it’s some stork game.
04-22-15_6-45 PM
Yes – game.  The doctor is playing some sort of stork drops a baby game on the machine’s display while it uses laser and glue in childbirth.

Does anyone else think this is super weird?
04-22-15_6-46 PM
Because I think this is super weird.

It’s a boy!  I name him Simon.
04-22-15_6-46 PM-2
Which incidentally is my cat’s name.

Everyone seems happy enough.
04-22-15_6-47 PM
Although I’m a little freaked out.

I’m gonna say, I prefer the sparkle and twirl version of SimBirth.
04-22-15_6-47 PM-2
On the plus side, Rachael and Jerrod returned home with their needs at 100%, so that’s a plus.  And good to keep in mind for an ISBI.

And then I discovered this!
04-22-15_6-50 PM
A birth certificate!  So that’s kind of cool too.

Rachael and Jerrod immediately get down to business and…
04-22-15_6-53 PM
…we’re having another one!  Yay!

Moments later, Simon hops out of his basket.
04-22-15_7-02 PM
It seemed fast to me too!  He’s adorable, even premakeover.  He gets “neat” likehis mother and has the whiz kid aspiration.  (Yes, we need more child aspirations… there’s like… three.)

04-22-15_7-06 PM
What a cutie!

I decide that I’m REALLY going to work on the children aspirations, so here’s Rachael reading to little Simon.
04-22-15_7-08 PM
Which is super cute.

OMG – Rachael’s face…
04-22-15_7-13 PM
You better be enjoying this, kid.

Uh oh – I got the pop up that Jerrod is gonna die soon.
04-22-15_7-23 PM
And it came – like immediately.
04-22-15_7-23 PM-2

Unfortunately, Rachael was there to witness his demise.
04-22-15_7-24 PM
I was considering pleading for his life, but decided to let him go peacefully.

Then this happened.
04-22-15_7-26 PM
Which may or may not be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in the Sims.  Get your death-y hands off the unborn!

Simon needs to make these “mood potions” for his aspiration.
04-24-15_8-17 PM
This was me trying, but his mental skill wasn’t high enough.  Oops.

Mother and son play some chess.
04-24-15_8-19 PM

The following day, one happy, focused, well-fed Simon heads off to school.
04-24-15_8-23 PM
Earning an A is part of his aspiration, so I’m really trying!

Rachael is swimming, but she’ll be fishing soon.
04-24-15_8-24 PM

Phew!  She’s going to have that baby any moment!
04-24-15_8-26 PM
She’s extremely sad, examining the water – and still in her swimsuit.

Poor huge little thing.
04-24-15_8-27 PM

Nice  catch.
04-24-15_8-27 PM-2

Oops.  Looks like someone had an accident.
04-24-15_8-29 PM
I’m sorry Rachie, I thought you could make it.

Don’t mind that pout!  It’s baby time!
04-24-15_8-30 PM
I hope it’s a girl!

I opt for the “stay at home and sparkle” birth plan.
04-24-15_8-31 PM

It IS a girl!  I ask my husband for a girls name that starts with T, and he picks Tori.
04-24-15_8-32 PM
Aw.  We have a cute little Tori!

Olive stops by!
04-24-15_8-34 PM
She actually stops by all the danged time, but since Rachael is sleeping and caring for the newborn, Simon invites his aunt in to play chess with him.

The sad ghost of Noah appeared to meet his grand-daughter.
04-24-15_8-38 PM
Aw… too sweet.

He even helps out with the smelly diaper!
04-24-15_8-39 PM

Rachael takes a moment to thank her father for the visit.
04-24-15_8-41 PM
And she cheers him up too, to protect the appliances and electronics.

Whoops.  I’m not very good at keeping the plants healthy.
04-24-15_8-45 PM
They look terrible.

A few moments later, Tori ages up!
04-24-15_8-57 PM
She has the social butterfly aspiration and the geek trait.  I aim for a “social geek” look, and I think she’s adorable!

The little peanuts bond over a game of chess, which is good for both their aspirations.
04-24-15_9-02 PM
As Simon needs mental skill, and Tori needs to make a BFF!

Since fishing is the name of the game, I thought I’d see if Rachael needed to visit that secret place.
04-24-15_9-11 PM

I had forgotten how beautiful it was.
04-24-15_9-12 PMI wish there was a single lot so you could live there.

04-24-15_9-14 PMSeriously lovely.

She caught a cowberry plant seed!
04-24-15_9-16 PM
I can’t wait to plant it!

After fishing in the magic place, she catches a few frogs for bait in Willow Creek.
04-24-15_9-24 PM
It was a busy Sunday!

After an all night fishing trip, Rach returns home in the wee hours – to over $5K in bills!  The kids head off to school, and I thought about sending Rachael out to look for another partner – but she’s just too tired.
04-24-15_9-30 PM
For now!

And that’s it for this post!  Thanks for reading!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

A Pool and a Party 4.3

Hey there!  Guess what?  Rachael won the heir poll!
Rachael Trait Card
It surprised me, but I’m not disappointed!  Votes were as follows:
Rachael:  7 here, 1 on Boolprop
Quinn:  4 here, 2 on Boolprop
Olympia:  2 here, none on Boolprop
Patrick: 1 here, 1 on Booprop
Olive:  None here, 2 on Boolprop
Nice to see that at least everyone got a couple of votes.  I always feel bad for Sims who no one votes for at all.

This post will get us all the way up to Rachael’s YA birthday, and then we’ll be ready to begin Rachie’s Reign!

As always, Lightning Check!  Noah is painting a landscape.
04-16-15_7-44 PM
I promise – I know it looks like a blank canvas…

Olympia, while feeling confident, is heading off to smash the dollhouse.
04-16-15_7-44 PM-2

Olive is standing around feeling flirty.
04-16-15_7-44 PM-3
Which is a little gross, since the only people she knows are her family.

Patrick is heading inside to wash his hands.
04-16-15_7-45 PM
Which I found to be kind of funny.

Quinn is looking at her sister Rachael.
04-16-15_7-45 PM-2
She’s SO pretty!

Rachael is looking at her phone…
04-16-15_7-45 PM-3
…cuz we’re going traveling!

I decide to send her to the new little neighborhood, Magnolia Promenade to see if there’s any fishing.
04-16-15_7-48 PM
Took me a minute, but tada!

Cute – but she’s missing school.
04-16-15_7-48 PM-2
Oh well!

Look!  Duckies!
04-16-15_7-49 PM
They were quacking and everything, it was adorable.

Yay!  She’s got something!
04-16-15_7-50 PM
And someone has joined her!

That’s not a fish.
04-16-15_7-50 PM-2
Apparently it was a dragonfruit seed.  Okay then.  She also caught a lemon once.

Apparently this is a very popular fishing spot.
04-16-15_7-51 PM
That old woman looks pregnant, and the man standing right BEHIND Rachael needs to BACK OFF.

04-16-15_7-52 PM

Rachael met this woman named Amira while fishing.
04-16-15_7-54 PM
She had lots of whims about making friends, so I worked on it a bit.  I like it when Sims have close friends outside the family.

Rachael is just a little bit chubby, so I decided to have her work on her fitness level.
04-16-15_7-56 PM
She is so cute, I just love her.  I’m glad she won!

But, speaking of won – she’s the NEXT heir, not the current heir, so it’s time to get back to Noah.
04-16-15_7-58 PM
He’s still working on that landscape – looks like a cabin!

Teenage homework party!
04-16-15_8-01 PM
Except Olympia.  I don’t like Olympia, so she’s cleaning the toilet.  HA!

Kathy stopped by unannounced and uninvited, and then looks SUPER creepy while hugging her son.
04-16-15_8-08 PM

Noah painted this cute little kitty!
04-16-15_8-14 PM
It was a “confident” painting.  And I sold it.  But it was cute!

It’s Olive & Olympia’s birthday!
04-16-15_8-21 PM
Olympia is nauseous from and illness and starving for fun, so let’s have some cake!

She’s very lovely, and adds foodie to self-assured and hates children.
04-16-15_8-22 PM
I like how worried she looks.

Ha!  Look at those girls’ faces!
04-16-15_8-23 PM
Everyone looks so funny!

Tada, adulthood!
04-16-15_8-23 PM-2
Olive adds lazy to her traits, and with that, I move them into the other Lightning house, that currently houses elder Mimi, Ratna & Kathy.

Noah ignored the festivities and was busy painting.  This was a surrealism piece.
04-18-15_4-44 PM
HA!  HA HA HA HA HA!  Very funny, EA, very funny indeed.

So why, when this game launched, was everyone all “WAAAAAAH NO GHOSTS!!” because SERIOUSLY…
04-18-15_4-45 PM
All my ghosts ever do is show up and break everything.  SO ANNOYING.

I followed Noah to work again, and we got another arrest!
04-18-15_4-54 PM
It was super fun!  I try not to post a million GTW things, but I think it’s a blast!

Back at home, with his teenagers all doing their homework, Noah celebrates his birthday!
04-18-15_5-03 PM
Another Lightning enters old age.  Time flies!

I knew he needed a new “old man” makeover, and I tried to embrace the “retired detective” vibe, as well as his more rambunctious youth…
04-18-15_5-52 PM
…He’s a little more dignified than I wanted, but I got sick of messing with him.

Except wait… isn’t that Jimmy’s old man hair and beard?  (Note:  It was not Jimmy’s old man hair, I had made Jimmy mostly bald, not just a little bald… but still, too similar)  So I had to work with his look just a little bit more.
04-18-15_5-55 PM
There!  Old man Noah!  I think he’s pretty adorable!

I watched the teens all wake up hungry and select their own breakfasts from the fridge.
04-18-15_6-02 PM
Patrick had french toast, Quinn the angry spaghetti, and Rachael a piece of cake.  I thought it was interesting that they all chose different things.

Noah had a whim to take a vacation day, so we did.  I had him spend the day painting.  That same day, later in the evening, I went fishing with Rachael.
04-18-15_6-16 PM
Don’t mind the plumbob. She fished ALL night until she had to head off to school, quite tired and rather hungry.  It was cool to know though, that a Sim can head off to work or school directly from a community lot.  After she moved off this lot, the game just plopped me down at home.

Noah had another fun day at work and got promoted to detective!
04-18-15_6-31 PM
Oops, that’s a picture of Patrick.  Sad Patrick to be exact.  He just aged up without a cake.  Oops.  He added clumsy to lazy and loner.

A little pep-talk in the mirror and some TV time with dad, and he felt much better.
04-18-15_6-32 PM
Sorry I forgot your birthday Patrick, and sorry I didn’t get a picture of you for your promotion, Noah.

I put one of the koi fish Rachael caught in a bowl and I named him Zale.
04-19-15_2-25 PM
I still miss having the koi pond on the Zale lot.

Rachael did some more fishing over at the super fancy neighborhood on the golf course.
04-19-15_2-29 PM

I hadn’t noticed the course before, but see?
04-19-15_2-29 PM-2
It seems to be for decoration only though, there were no interactions that I could find.  Super beautiful little area of the neighborhood though.

It was a fun, and beautiful day for fishing.
04-19-15_2-31 PM
Anyone else looking forward to TS4 Seasons?  I sure am!

Part of completing this level of her aspiration, Rachie needed to mount five fish.
04-19-15_2-36 PMI picked all goldfish because it looks silly – therefore I like it.

Dudes.  I was about to throw a birthday party just after I’d finished building a fun new pool, and the game crashed.  Wow.  I’d gotten so spoiled by the game being so stable, that I hadn’t saved at all.

But I built it again, although with a little less flair.
04-19-15_2-55 PM
Tada!  The Lightnings have a pool!

And a little area I put together for a firepit, or a weenie roast!
04-19-15_3-00 PM
I love the cooler sitting there.

Rachael!  My first ever TS4 Sim to go for a swim!
04-19-15_3-01 PM
There don’t appear to be a lot of actions they can do, but it’s still fun.  Especially in Oasis Springs, which is such a hot, dry environment (at least that’s how it looks…) that I feel like they’d need a pool.

I also had to show off Quinn in her bikini.
04-19-15_3-12 PM
I think she is the prettiest TS4 Sim I’ve had in game.  Special thanks to Sammy for making her mother, Ratna for me!

Someone broke the teapot.
04-19-15_3-13 PM
I made Noah repair it.  Documented in case he died.  He obviously did not.

Okay, everyone has put on their party attire.  It’s my first REAL party!
04-19-15_3-15 PM
I should throw parties more often – I forgot about their cute clothes.

This is Rachael’s party outfit.
04-19-15_3-16 PM
I thought it suited her wholesome, down-to-earth personality.

Left to Right, we have…
04-19-15_3-18 PM
Olympia, Noah, Rachael, Quinn, Ratna, the Caterer (who did nothing), Patrick, and Kathy!  Not a bad little turn out!

Looks like the dress I picked for Rachael is very fashionable.
04-19-15_3-19 PM
She blows out her candles first!

I think she looks adorable and happy!
04-19-15_3-20 PM
And mostly the same.  Oh yeah, she added active to her traits.

Quinn goes next.
04-19-15_3-21 PM

And turns out stunning!
04-19-15_3-22 PM
As expected.  She added gloomy to her traits.

The party thingie, that tells me what I need to do to throw a great party said something about telling jokes.
04-19-15_4-04 PM
So I bought the microphone, and had Rachael give it a go.  But it didn’t do anything, so I had her tell a couple just out of the social interaction menu – and that was successful.

The party was a standstill, and the only thing I could do to make it better involved drinks – so I bought this cool bar…
04-19-15_4-09 PM
…but it was too late, and they only earned a silver badge for the party.  😦

I remembered to upload Olive and Olympia to the gallery, although they’d gained weight while out in the world…
Olympia & Olive
So they’re a little pudgier than they were when they first left the house.  Well, Olympia looks mostly the same, but Olive is definitely a little heavier.

I also moved out Patrick and Quinn.
Patrick and Quinn
I adore them both, so I hope a lot of people download them!!!  As always, you can locate any and all Sims made by me by searching Origin user ID hblair, or you can find the Lightnings by searching #lightning (note – there are many other results with that hashtag… oops.  I should’ve been more creative)

And with that, it’s only Noah and Rachael left in the legacy house – and it’s time for Rachael to shine!
04-19-15_4-25 PM
I’m pretty darn sure we’re going to have a GREAT time!

Come back soon to see what’s in store for Rachael!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

We Have an Heir Poll! 4.2

Hey!  An update!  I hope you guys are excited to see the rest of the kids hit the TEENS and finally have a say about who takes over!  I know I am, so let’s get to it!

Lightning Check!  Here’s Noah standing around being grumpy.
04-03-15_8-36 PM
He had an angry encounter at work, so he’s all grouchy.

Olympia is sitting on the couch in her PJs
04-03-15_8-36 PM-2
Or her bathrobe, which doubles as her pajamas.

Olive is with Patrick and Quinn, just standing around.
04-03-15_8-37 PM

Rachael here is helping herself to some cake.
04-03-15_8-37 PM-2
So much cake.

Since Noah is angry, and hungry, he had the option to make “Angry Flaming Spaghetti”.
04-03-15_8-38 PM
It’s hard to capture, but he grumbled and whined while chopping.  I love TS4.

Ha!  Cool!
04-03-15_8-39 PM

Although, now… I’m a little worried.
04-03-15_8-40 PM
I have to say, it looks like he’s on fire.

He kept doing “Ow ow hot!” animations, but nothing negative happened.
04-03-15_8-42 PM
Thank goodness!

Kathy has stopped by again!
04-03-15_8-44 PM
I wish Ratna would show up.  We haven’t seen her since she moved out.

I decided to have Olympia invite Ratna over… see how smart I am?
04-03-15_8-45 PM
Excellent problem solving skills.

Having Kathy around with her kids is pretty sweet!
04-03-15_8-46 PM
It’s nice to see her!

Ratna on the other hand, when she finally arrived, instantly climbed into one of her own children’s beds…
04-03-15_8-46 PM-2
…And started to cry.  😥

Well isn’t that depressing.

Olympia then vented about her own troubles.
04-03-15_8-47 PM
Which mostly involve the fact that she dislikes children, and lives with three of them.

This pretty much sums up their entire interaction.  Olympia was very self-centered, and Ratna was pretty sad.
04-03-15_8-48 PM

I decided to send in Olive to see if she could cheer up her mother.
04-03-15_8-50 PM
Success!  Olive is obviously the sweeter, kinder of the twins.

Much later, I heard whimpering and I found this little peanut crying in her sleep!
04-03-15_8-52 PM
It took me a little while to discover that SOMEONE had smashed her dollhouse!

That someone, was Olympia!
04-03-15_8-52 PM-2
What a brat!  :@

Quinn also had a quick visit with her momma.
04-03-15_8-53 PM
Always nice to see Kathy and Ratna.

I followed Noah to work again, and we had another fun day.
04-03-15_8-58 PM
He got to run his own case!

And we arrested a suspect!
04-03-15_9-05 PM
She doesn’t seem like the graffiti and vandalism type – but hey.

He arrived home to needy children and a broken stove.
04-03-15_9-07 PM
And that is apparently the only picture I took that evening…

…Because here he is back at work interrogating a suspect.
04-11-15_5-16 PM
It was super fun, he got to show her crime scene photos, threaten her with handcuffs, and a myriad of other fun interactions classified under the menu of “good cop” or “bad cop” ha!  It was really entertaining!

Back at casa de Lightning we have a birthday!  Patrick is entering his teen years!
04-11-15_9-29 PM
Noah barely finished the cake before Patrick auto-aged.

He adds the musical genius aspiration and adds muser and lazy to his traits.
04-11-15_9-37 PM
He’s pretty adorable!!!

Aw, the whole little family.
04-11-15_9-38 PM
They’re growing up so fast!

I sent Noah off to work alone on a Saturday, so I could hang out with all the kids.
04-11-15_9-50 PM
That of course meant putting them to work.  That small little garden still brings in a fair amount of money!

I also discovered that the Lightnings have grown a “trash plant”.
04-11-15_9-59 PM
I did not know this was possible, but thanks to Olympia (it’s ALWAYS Olympia) who kicks over the trash can, and never picks it up again, they now have their own trash bush.  Lovely.

I had Olympia harvest it, and I discovered she then had 10 “Trash Fruit” in her inventory.  And “eat” was an option.
04-11-15_10-01 PM
So of course I made her eat one.  I love how they look like a miniature full bin bag.  She got a “Hmm, that was okay” moodlet from eating home grown produce.  Okay then.  I must admit I expected more.

These two are just so adorable.
04-11-15_10-02 PM
And they get along so well!

About now I discovered that something has happened to Jimmy.  He doesn’t show up on the family tree, and his urn is empty.  Also, Noah now registers as a “half-sibling” to all of his brothers and sisters – who have all passed away except Mimi.
No more Jimmy
That’s kind of sad.  Oh well, pixel life goes on.

I caught Quinn watching the children’s channel on TV.
04-11-15_10-07 PM
I thought it was cute that it was a TS3 child playing pretend.

Olympia is sick!  This moodlet is rather funny, although kind of sad.
Sick Olympia
I wonder if it’s from eating garbage?

Poor Ratna is ALWAYS sad whenever we see her!
04-11-15_10-15 PM

I sent good daughter Olive out to cheer her up.
04-11-15_10-17 PM
She was very successful and they became best friends!  Awww.  ❤

04-11-15_10-19 PM

Pout all you want you wretched Sim…
04-11-15_10-19 PM-2
…You’re not going ANYWHERE until you’ve fixed what you did.

I ordered some medicine off the computer to cure Olympia’s illness.
04-11-15_10-20 PM
It was $50!  I should’ve just let her be sick, she’s such a meanie.

I guess it worked!
04-11-15_10-21 PM

Hey!  Kathy stopped by too!
04-11-15_10-22 PM
It’s just one big happy family visitation day.

And Noah’s home too!
04-11-15_10-23 PM
Wow, a lot happened since I sent him to work by himself.

He was looking extra pudgy, and if he’s going to be one of Oasis Springs’ finest, he needs to stay in shape.
04-11-15_10-23 PM-2
I love making my Sims go jogging while I sit on my arse and play video games.

Oh yeah, I forgot I kept finding all these stupid Easter Eggs.
04-11-15_10-25 PM
I don’t want to sell them, but I’m not sure what to do with them… so a random line or two outside seems good.  😐

With the Get to Work expansion, baking is now a separate skill, so I had Noah bake breadsticks.
04-11-15_10-27 PM
Because he was hungry, and I love breadsticks.

He then proceeded to eat them with a fork.
04-11-15_10-28 PM
Because why not.

04-11-15_10-29 PM
Quit shoving your sister!  The action is called “monkey around” and I swear it looks like they’re about to fight.

I did not forget that Noah, the womanizer, father of five, police officer is also a painter.
04-11-15_10-33 PM
And every now and then, when his whims remind me, I have him paint something.

It’s Quinn’s birthday!  Her “other mother” stopped by…
04-11-15_10-48 PM
And I have no idea what Noah and Olive are doing behind her.

She acquires the Renaissance Sim aspiration, adding quick learner and perfectionist.
04-11-15_11-04 PM
I LOVE the little nerdy chic look I gave her, and I think she’s incredibly pretty!

Just one more teen, and then we can do an heir poll!!!

You know what?  Rachael’s birthday is in just ONE day, and no one had taken a piece of the cake, so I can reuse it… let’s just celebrate her birthday too!

04-11-15_11-06 PM

Rachael gains the Angling Ace aspiration, and adds collector and cheerful to her traits.  And apparently I didn’t take a picture…  Ooops.  I made her look as much like a fisher-person as I could.  But don’t be deceived!  She’s a very beautiful Sim, and her formal look might surprise you.  (If you ever get to see it)

NOTE:  I might want to do fashion shows.  I plan all outfits for all my Sims, but you never get to see any but regular and sleep.

So!  Here you have your five heir options!
04-11-15_11-17 PM
Olympia, Olive, Patrick, Quinn & Rachael!

For the first time ever, the future of The Lightnings is in your hands.  Choose well.
Olympia Trait Card
Olive Trait Card